Busy writing lots of content for aspiring producers

Cranking out some cool stuff for beginners out there who want to be beat makers.  I’d really like for the site to become a destination for guys just starting out who want to be get to the point they are able to sell their beats commercially, and from there go on to become recognized producers.

I’ve been toying around with a few other ideas too.  From maybe opening it up to accept guest posts in addition to our editorial content, to a few other possible ideas.  Really want this one to be the best site of its kind.  Starting from scratch here, but I think we can get there.

Gotta start working on some beat making software reviews too for the reviews section.  Trying to figure out how to strike a balance.  Want to do reviews that are short and sweet, but then also do in depth walkthroughs.  Kind of like a standard review, and then occasionally a crazy in depth one.  Mainly due to time constraints.  Have to think about that one some more.

Hey I came across a really cool site today too while poking around, its called the Hip Hop Directory, its a directory of hip hop and beat maker websites.  Its huge.


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