Hmm, messing around looking at what’s new out there

Was just messing around looking at what is new out there and stuff to review and write about on the new site.  I’m really not looking to build yet another Fruity Loops site 😉  But something focused specifically on beats and beat making as opposed to full on high end DAWs, although I’ve got stuff to say about that too.  Beats are interesting because it attracts so many new people, kind of a stepping stone for a lot of kids into more serious production.  So anyway, I found two new products PreSonus Studio One looks pretty cool on the mid range DAW and DUBTurbo looks interesting as a beginner level beat maker.  Studio One looks similar to like the Reaper/Sonic/Cubase stuff of the world, DUBTurbo looks to be more sample based sequencer kind of reminiscent of Fruity Loops when it first came out or it kinda even makes me think of old mod trackers.  Not sure if DUBTurbo does VSTs or not.  I’ll have to poke around some more.  Studio One I really want to pick up my own copy one of these days and produce something with it.  Maybe that will be my August project.